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Wordless Wednesday – Just Ducky



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Wordless Wednesday – Scultped Wildlife

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A Word About Wordless Wednesdays

As I’d mentioned previously, I’ve decided to discontinue my nature photo blog over on WordPress and reintegrate those posts over here.  So, Wednesdays will become wordless here in the Creative Depths  and each week will feature a different image of some sort.  So without further ado (and without another word)…

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To Shoot A Mocking Bird

I’ll have to beg forgiveness from Harper Lee for such an awful appropriation of a title, but it seemed only fitting, given the subject at hand. On a recent weekend getaway, I was plagued for the duration of a visit to two neighboring graveyards by an annoying and omnipresent mockingbird. This lovely bird would suddenly break the silence with an outburst of song just as I would get ready to press the shutter button on my camera, or worse, fly through a perfectly composed scene just in time to be a blur in the image. When I would intentionally point the camera at it, the bird managed disappearing acts that David Cooperfield would envy.

Patience is, on rare occasion, rewarded. As I was departing, the troublesome little ball of feathers decided to alight on one of the monuments and sit very calmly and quietly. In the end, I was able to get in this parting shot, one of my favorites from the day.

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