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The Poetry Project – 20th Anniversary

so beautiful
is the nighttime sky
that I am blinded
by the stars
and enchanted
by the moon.
(untitled poem, dated 23 Sept 1989)

Twenty years ago, I couldn’t imagine that I’d be sitting at my computer, sharing with the entire world, this fact: in my senior year of high school, I spent six months writing at least one poem every day as a project for my senior enrichment class. Even though poetry was my preferred genre at the time, this project was far more difficult for me than more recent projects like NaNoWriMo. It was downright grueling.

I realize now that the difficulty wasn’t in the act of writing, but in the subject matter itself. Much of my writing was about things beyond the usual teenage angst, exploring much tougher subjects that were happening to me and those around me. Even in those days, the lives of those I cared about were touched by devastating losses and my writing often reflected that sense of loss, as it still sometimes does. As I’ve turned to writing more fiction, I find it easier to express those hurts with a certain amount of detachment that is not possible when writing poetry.

Most of what I wrote for that particular project will, I think, never see the light of day and continues to remain in existence only so that I may preserve that part of my journey as a writer. While, for me, all poetry is personal, there are pieces from that period that are more presentable, more accessible, and probably more appealing to others who have not walked in my shoes. I share with you a couple of them here in this blog. Take from them what you will.


Horses frozen in mute agony
with nostrils flared and eyes of fright,
turned to stone by unseen Medusa.
Phantoms whirling and spinning,
flying frightfully to music macabre
as the world slips out of sight.
Horses gallop faster, twisted in fear,
til they keep their pace no more
and sink into a swirling tornado
of music, mirrors, and machines.
They twist to the tempo of terror,
until the elusive Medusa once again
silences them into terrified statutes.

(The above works are copyrighted and all rights reserved by the author, who can be a grumpy bitch. Do not reprint in any form without express written permission, which must be signed in blood – yours, not mine- and accompanied by an Egyptian curse should you ever fail to give credit to the author. Said curse may include, but is not limited to monstrous sandstorms swallowing your home, a plague of locust descending upon you, and the Nile trying to claim you as watery sacrifice. Did I mention the crocodile that will make a light snack of at least one of your limbs? I jest but you hopefully get the idea. If not, let me state it simply: don’t rip off my work and I won’t be forced to sue you mercilessly for copyright violations and/or plagiarism.)

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Creative Souls- J.B. Drake

In a room of brick,
Without windows or doors,
I am imprisoned.
My body, mind, and soul fatigued from lack of sleep-
For here to rest is to die.
My skin is pale from never seeing sunlight.
It feels like I’ve been here for centuries,
Alone. There is no one to talk to-
Only the darkness.
The darkness that imprisons me.

I pace back and forth across the stone floor,
Cursing the darkness. “I must be going crazy,
“I say “It sounds like you are breathing!”
“Of course I’m breathing,
How else would I still be alive?”
I walk toward the corner the voice came from.
“What are you, why haven’t you spoken before?”
“I am a man not a shadow'” he says
I felt his hand touch my arm.
“And I’ve been here for ages.”

“Why didn’t you say anything before?” I ask.
“Because I’m afraid.” he says.
“I’m afraid to speak or to move.
“His hand moved to my face.
“You shouldn’t be,” I tell him.
“But it is impossible to escape!”
His voice broke into sobs.”
We can never escape.”

For the first time in many years,
A ray of sunlight slips through a crack in the wall.
In the dim light,
I can see his handsome tear-stained face.
It lifted into a look of confidence.
“There is still hope left,” I say to him.
He kisses me and smiles.
“Yes, and now we know we aren’t alone.”
~J.B. Drake

What do you get when you throw together a dash of sarcasm, a gallon of wit, and a large measure of creativity? J.B. Drake, a 21-year-old student, aspiring chef , and writer. I could say more (such as his sense of humor is possibly darker than mine!), but why not let him speak for himself?

What is your primary creative outlet?
My main creative outlet is definitely writing. I currently have two WIP novels and thinking of starting a few more soon. I’m also working on the script to a play and I write poems and short stories whenever the inspiration hits.

Are you involved in other artistic/creative endeavors?
I’m also involved with the culinary arts (which I’m currently in college for) and some visual arts (at the moment limited to drawing whenever I’m bored but I hope that changes soon).

What artistic mediums or materials do you use? (If you’re a writer, what genre/writing styles?)
When it comes to genre, I tend to write fantasy, horror, erotica and historical fiction. Most of what I write involves a strong thread of the supernatural and tends to walk the line between horror and fantasy. Most of it is dark and twisted, including my erotic romances and comic relief scenes. I do like to experiment with genre and writing style and there are probably very few genres that I don’t want to take a stab at.

What are your favorite subjects for creative works?
I guess the main subject I cover are LGBT issues. So far, most of what I’ve written has at least one gay character in it. The recurring themes of my stories tend to be either forbidden love, struggling with one’s own identity, and a world hostile to one’s very existence. Other subjects are probably the nature of good and evil, the way power corrupts and the fragility of innocence.

What are your inspirations? Where do your ideas come from?
I get ideas from many places. I have had an active imagination since childhood and a lot of plot ideas come from there. I also get inspired from conversations both online and off, true crime media and also other fiction that I throw against the wall in disappointment and frustration.

Favorite quote:
“I might repeat to myself slowly and soothingly, a list of quotations beautiful from minds profound — if I can remember any of the damn things.” — Dorothy Parker

Favorite artist/writer/musician/creative soul:
There are far too many to list.

In Your Own Words:
Writing is the ultimate tool to probe the human psyche. From finding the deepest desires and hidden horror, it uncovers aspects of ourselves that we all share as a species.

Where can your works be found?
In the future, I will post some poetry and short stories on my blog:
I haven’t updated it in a while, but I hope to get back to it soon.

Check out J.B.’s blog and stay tuned to this blog for more creative souls.

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Creative Souls – Katje van Loon

transit stories

my journal is filled with notes on bus routes


so i may safely get to where i’m going

the next station in my life.

but/and i desperately

wish to break away from this,

to just get on a bus

without noting its number or name

or asking what its sign is and just trusting in this

perfect stranger that could run me over and make me part of the

history of this city’s streets

and to go, go farther than the eye can see

and farther still

till i know nothing of anything


and still keep going.

and then, when i see something unfamiliar and yet


i’ll pull the string and hop off, letting my return-path

squeal and screech away

under its heavy burden of my fellow runaways.

and i’ll stand

looking around

in my new place of existence

a place to expand the zone

of my conformity, my


and someone walking by

will stop

and say

how came you by

this hidden land?

and i’ll smile and know

all the stories i read

are true.

~Katje van Loon

I believe in letting creative works speak for themselves and this poem from Katje van Loon certainly says a lot about the talent of its composer. Katje (aka Jana Pierce-von Loon) is a twenty-two year old student who speaks with a surprising maturity and passion. Don’t take my word for it, however. Let’s hear from Katje herself….

What is your primary creative outlet?
Writing. I am a voracious writer, having many journals filled up with rambling, three WIP novels going on, several pieces of random prose, and a few books-worth of poems.

Are you involved in other artistic/creative endeavors?
Yes. I’ve been involved in theatre for roughly two decades now, starting with a brief foray into modelling and then moving into the fields of acting and technical work. I sing and dance as well, most notably being the lead singer for the band Hrunting!, and soon I hope to re-branch into modeling of a different sort.

What artistic mediums or materials do you use?
For writing, a pen and paper for my rough drafts. I then type up using OpenOffice, and the typing up produces my second draft. For theatre I use whatever is at hand. For modeling, my camera is my Nikon CoolPix digital camera and my setting is the world around me.

What are your favorite subjects for creative works?
The human condition in general, really. I use the genre of speculative fiction to tell tales of it, but whether I’m writing about actual humans or Magi or whatever else, I’m still writing about the human condition. I’m also a hopeless romantic who believes in sacred sexuality, so my stories do focus on love and sex as topics as well, and how they’re dealt with in the societies I’m writing about, and whether that should be the ‘norm’ or not.
Another topic I touch on is power — who has it, how they use it, and is it really any better when one group has it versus another? My current story deals with a matriarchal society and explores whether or not women would do any better than men have with that sort of power. Following that, my works are decidedly feminist — meaning I do not write my female characters from a male-dominated viewpoint.

What are your inspirations? Where do your ideas come from?
Everything, really. Sometimes an idea will come from my studies of mythology, or sometimes something I see on my daily walk to school will inspire me. Other times I’ll come up with a title and create a story around it.
As far as people as inspirations, my mother is my major one. She’s a writer as well, and the first (and continuing) example I ever had of a strong woman. She used to live alone with her dogs up in the north, where she ran her own store, danced as a saloon girl, worked as a bar wench carrying twenty-pound trays on one arm back and forth across the room, and beat the living hell out of someone when he took his inappropriate behavior a step too far. Nowadays she writes her books and takes care of, well, everything in her life with vigor and grace you wouldn’t expect from a survivor of the World’s Worst Divorce (or WWD, as we call it). She is my perfect example of a blending of roles — warrior, mother, bard, priestess, lover — and most of my female characters are based on an aspect of her in some way.

Favorite quote:
“Everything we do is futile, but we must do it anyway.” -Mahatma Ghandi.
“In isolation, one can never be great.” — Kaimana Wolff (aka Eva van Loon, my mother).

Favorite artist/writer/musician/creative soul :
I have a long list, but the writer in my field that I admire the most is Ursula K. LeGuin. My favorite artist is a friend of mine named Autumn Skye Morrison .

In Your Own Words:
The most important thing to remember is not to strive for relevance. Things will be relevant to the right person at the right time — it’s not something you can try to achieve. Relevancy is not a goal. This is something I try to remind myself of everyday, every time I write. And I find in my most trivial ramblings, someone finds something true. Then I know I’ve done my job.

Where can your works be found?
My short prose and some poetry can be found at . My website is . Starting in early 2009 my novel Bellica will be found in your local bookstore (gods willing).

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