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Wordless Wednesday – A Light Frost

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Wordless Wednesday – From the Garden

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Wordless Wednesday – Dreaming of Spring

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A Toast to Summer

The summer solstice has finally arrived, lagging a few weeks behind the blazing heat this year.  The good news is that the abundant sunshine and warmth have the garden in full bloom ahead of schedule.  The small storage space where my water heater lives is doing double duty as an herb drying cabinet and is already full of fragrant bundles of chamomile, mint, rosemary, thyme, and sage.

To celebrate the official arrival of summer, I’ve brewed up a pitcher of fresh herbal iced tea.  There’s something wonderfully magical about being able to walk through your own garden and pick fresh ingredients to suit your own tastes. Since I can’t share a glass with you, I can at least share my recipe.  Have a blessed Solstice and wonderful summer!

Solstice Celebration Tea

1/4 cup fresh chamomile flowers
1 small sprig peppermint
3 leaves lemon balm
1 stevia leaf

Bring two cups of  water to a boil.  Rinse other ingredients in cold running water and place in a large mug or bowl.  Cover with boiling water and let steep at least ten minutes.  Strain the tea and dilute with additional cold water until desired taste is obtained.  This tea will be light with lots of floral notes punctuated by the cool mint and a hint of citrus flavor.

A note on sweetness: You can add additional stevia leaves if you prefer a sweeter tea or use a stevia based sweetener.  If you prefer cane sugar, you can add to taste while the tea is still hot (or use a simple syrup to sweeten).  Honey can also be used.

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Ah Summer…

I sat down on this rainy winter afternoon to work a bit on a personal journal of flowers and plants. In search for flower pictures in my own photos, I found this lovely little one that I took specifically for my journal. It reminds me how fortunate I am to find beauty as close as my own yard (bittersweet, poke weed, ivy, and raspberries all grow rampant along one of the fence lines thanks to a neighbor who abhors yard work). It makes me long for summer to return.

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