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NaNo Wrap Up

As November draws to a close,  I am happy to report that this year’s NaNoWriMo is ending soon.  I usually like to do a little dance of joy at this point, because hey, what do you know, I just wrote a novel of at least 50,000 words. In less than a month. I copied over my text into the validator at the web site and got the good news that for the fourth year running, I’ve ‘won’ this insane writing frenzy called NaNo.

While I was busy lacing on my dancing shoes, I realized that I’d wiped out the only typed copy I have of this year’s NaNo.  52,635 words bled from my brain and fingertips onto the computer were gone because of a saving error and my own stupidity (back-up your work, dumbass!).  Aghhhh!

All is not lost however since I am a die hard ink on paper kind of writer.  I don’t think I’ve ever written a first draft of anything on electronic media.  Sure, I’ve filled composition books, leather bound journals, cocktail napkins and the backs of paper placemats with preliminary drafts of everything from haiku to thesis papers.  This means that I have one very precious but rather ugly composition book that contains the original 30,000+ word first draft of this year’s NaNo.

What have I lost then?  My will to live.  Not really, the only loss, aside from lots of time at the keyboard,  is my will to work any further on this particular story for the foreseeable future.  Loki, Thor and the rest of Asgard will have to wait a bit for a revised version of this particular tale.  As for me, I’m going to pour a glass of Sangria, watch a favorite holiday movie (the TV version of Prachett’s Hogfather if you must know), and in a few days when my brain stops boiling, start thinking about what I’m going to write for next year’s NaNo.

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Half a Novel, Half a Brain Left

Yes, yes, I know the grammar of the blog title is atrocious, but as suggested, my brain is a bit fried after completing the first half of this year’s NaNo novel.  That is to say, I’ve written the first 25,000 words of roughly drafted hand-written story that will probably wrap up with the addition of another 5000 or so words.  The entire thing will then get typed up, scenes expanded, descriptions added, and hopefully, by the end of November, I’ll have a typed and completed novel of at least fifty thousand words.  I’ll be even happier if those words make sense, are in some sort of logical order, and manage to convey the story that I want to tell.

With any luck, I’ll be done by Thanksgiving!

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Music To Write By

Those of you who visit this blog with any regularity will realize that I’ve changed my playlist.  For those of you who actually take time to actually check out the playlist, I imagine that you may have been muttering “What the…” as you looked at my choices this time.  To tell the truth, so I am.

Never fear, my eclectic tastes haven’t taken a turn down a blind alley and run smack into the brick wall of bad taste.  At least I hope they haven’t.  When November rolls around and my brain becomes a novel-writing factory, a playlist comes to mind of songs that speak to either the story or the plot line. Sometimes, the choices come together beautifully as a collection. Other times they do battle with each other and my musical sensibilities are the first causalities.

It’s fitting that this time the music for my NaNo playlist should be full of conflicting styles and influences.  After all, this year’s NaNo will tell the story of the Norse end of the times, Ragnarok, a legendary final battle between, well, everyone in which the gods are destroyed.  Since I can’t leave well enough alone and simply tell the myth in my voice, I’ve thrown some strange twists into the plot- the main one is that the story takes place on a Caribbean island in the middle of a blizzard and the intervention of a forgotten but very annoyed island volcano god throws a wrench into the works. Indeed, this is not your ancestor’s Ragnarok.  (And may my viking forebearers forgive me!)

For the record, I do realize that having any song by Brittany Spears on one of my play lists might be the catalyst to start an actual apocalypse, but I really wanted a version of “We Will Rock You” sung in a female voice(s).  Understand, that in my head, this is the voice of a regiment of Valkyries about to take down the All Father of the Norse Pantheon, Odin.  Yes, it’s that kind of novel- all fighting, blasphemy, and irreverence.  It’s also the end of the world, and I feel fine! 🙂

In other some what related news, the story that resulted from my first attempt at NaNo, At Scythe Point,  is posted and available for viewing here.  I’m hoping to get some of my other NaNo novels posted there as well.  You will see mature content warnings on the site, please know that they are there for a reason.  As a general rule, I don’t censor my work for content that might be too risque or controversial for the more sensitive or conservative among you.   Life doesn’t always have a PG rating and neither do I.  However, unlike Life, I will try to give you fair warning if there’s mature content in something I’ve posted.   That said, please come on over and check out the site. Read a story, sip a latte, prop your feet up.  It won’t cost you anything but time.

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Forward Thinking Part II – NaNo 2010

If your memory is better than mine, you might recall that I wrote an earlier post about this year’s upcoming National Writing Month  (this is where I admit that I couldn’t remember if I had indeed posted anything about it and had to double check).  Some mention was made about the chaos that would ensue when the child of a god found him/herself sucked back into divine drama….  as well as some mumblings about the Norse pantheon, Loki, Valkyries, and Ragnarök among other things.

Mundane life has eaten away a substantial chunk of my time in the weeks since that post, but NaNo, while still out of sight, is most assuredly not out of mind.  The original story idea still stands, with a decidedly Norse pantheon and theme.  In the protagonist’s role will be an ex-Valkyrie who abandoned Asgard when the divine drama became more than she was willing to endure.  Odin takes on an antagonistic role when he tries to pull her back into the affairs of Asgard.  With the rapidly approaching Ragnarök, that Norse trickster, Loki, is certain to be in the middle of things, stirring the pot and cackling away.

There are still so many details to be ironed out, but NaNo is still two months away.  That’s plenty of time to hash out the plot of a novel and complete all the pre-writing preparation, right?

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