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Crazy Cat Lady’s Pumpkin

It’s official: I have turned into a crazy cat lady. When I saw allyou’s Kitty Pumpkin Template, I had to make one. Several hot glue gun burns later, I ended up with this…


Meanwhile, back at the ranch…  November is nearly here again, which means National Novel Writing Month is looming large in my world.  In twelve days, I’m planning to start the next novel.  The word counter is already posted here, so anyone who’s bored can come check my progress.  There’s just one problem.  I have no idea what to write this year.  I have twelve days to pick an idea, come up with something vaguely resembling a plot, create a cast of characters, and outline at least the basics of the story.  No pressure.  None at all.   If anyone needs me, I’ll be in the corner with my notebook, waiting for the ideas to find me.

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Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Participant-180x180-2Did I say “Zombie Apocalypse”?  My bad, I meant to say National Novel Writing Month.  That’s right, November is finally over and for the sixth year running, I’ve managed to produce 50,000 words that vaguely resemble a novel.  That is to say, it is roughly novel-shaped, has chapters and pages, and somewhat, almost tells a story.  Unfortunately, the story isn’t really coherent or well written.

It is, however, just over 50,000 words and when it comes to NaNo, that is all that matters.  Quality shmality, it’s quantity in November.  I’ll just have to spend the other eleven months on the re-write.

Now, to take care of that zombie apocalypse.

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