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Creative Souls – Genevieve Wood

Every so often, I find myself blessed to be in the company of other writers. Whether it’s online or over coffee, I’m always intrigued to hear their experiences and eager to devour any work they might share. I only wish that I could take my readers along for these conversations, to let them experience some of the talent that is out there. Fortunately, I’m able to introduce you today to the work of one of those writers, Genevieve Wood.

“As the world fades, do you hear them? With life slipping from your grasp, do you hear the giant mushrooms as they flirt and philosophize? Do you see the golden spores of their conversation and mating dance? Did it ever even occur to you to try and listen? You saw them, certainly, towering above you on slender stalks, stretching towards the sun with giant rounded cap. You saw the colors dotting their skin, with blues and purples and greens. You saw the golden spores falling out from their underside to be caught by the wind and fly about. But even with all the power you had, all the instruments to detect the tiniest particles and what they might mean, it never occurred to any of you to monitor the differences from one spore to another. Never occurred to see if they were just giant plants. Listen, then. I will tell you the story from their point of view. As we stand between the worlds, I give you one last choice. One last chance to avert what you created.” ~~Quote from Genevieve Wood’s Communication Is Life
So who is this person who draws in readers with talk of spores and last chances? Genevieve is a talented 31-year-old author and SAHM who has agreed to speak about her own creativity here.
What’s your primary creative outlet?
I write fiction. A lot of fiction. When I’m done with that, I write OTHER fiction. I have no life, but lots of product!

Are you involved in other creative endeavors?
Well, I like to knit, crochet, cross-stitch, that sort of thing – I find it relaxing. But I don’t view it as creative the way my fiction is – I’m following a pattern. The garden I’m going to make for my husband’s train set, on the other hand, is true creativity – I haven’t the foggiest idea what I’m doing. That makes it fun.

What genres do you enjoy writing?
Science fiction and especially fantasy, to be specific, these days leaning towards young adult. I like coming of age stories and love stories, and how they work together. And I adore stories where nothing is as it seems to be at the beginning.

What inspires you? Where do your ideas come from?
I try to start with a character. If I don’t have an idea of one of the main characters, I can’t write. And I take bits and pieces from dreams, conversations with people, books that I read where I wish someone had done this instead of that. I write what I want to read, mostly, and hope that other people like it too.

Where can we find more of your work?
I have two webnovels, one at and one at I also have a blog of writing prompts at


A million thanks to Genevieve for sharing her work and words with us. Check out her webnovels and if anyone knows a good publisher, put in a word for her!

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