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Shop News

If you follow me anywhere else, you’ve probably heard by now that the decision has been made to shut down the LunaSeas online shops.  It’s been a good run, but over the last year or so, the shop has become more of a burden than a benefit.  So, from now until the winter solstice, I’ll be busy packaging final orders, sorting through the inventory, and slowly shutting things down.  My goal is to finish all of the behind the scenes work by New Year’s.  End of era, but I’m not entirely sad to see it go.

The shop is dead, long live the shop!

While LunaSeas is being fitted for a coffin, I’m happy to say that I’m going to be able to invest much more time and energy into my other shop, Harvest Moon Designs.   Unfortunately, it’s been sadly neglected over the last year or so.  The shop is being revamped with a new look and I’ve bought a fabulous set of shop graphics from an Etsy vendor that sets just the tone I’m looking for (that’s the avatar on the left).  I’m looking forward to getting back to my roots with mainstream crafts.

That’s all for now… and enough to keep me busy through the end of the year!

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The Cookie’s Demise

The unique and cloying smell of burnt chocolate chip cookies wafts through my home like some malicious spirit, hellbent on revenge against its murderer.  It creeps up the stairs, drifting into dark corners, just waiting to suddenly surprise me with its malodorous presence. Like the beating heart under the floorboards of Poe’s story, my crime comes back to haunt me.

It all began innocently enough.  Knowing several folks who are on restricted diets, I decided to try my hand at making gluten-free cookies today. Even though I’m not a big fan of baking mixes, I went with one for this first foray into gluten-free baking.  The dough mixed up nicely and spoonfuls of it were quickly panned and put in the oven to bake.

Since I had a few minutes, I wandered out to my living room, sat down with a notebook, and began working a design for a new bed quilt. As my mind wandered down the pattern and color possibilities, I completely forgot about the cookies.

The faintest whiff of cooking sugar drifted past my nose. I registered it with a passing thought that the oven timer hadn’t gone off yet and kept working on the quilt design. The plan is beautiful, a a star-shaped kaleidoscope of autumn colors based on an angled log cabin pattern. My thoughts were focused, not on the baked goods in my oven, but on the rich tapestry of autumn hues of an imagined quilt.

A few minutes later the smell of burning sugar did not lightly tiptoe past, but rather smacked me in the nose with a gauntlet, challenging me to even try to ignore it. A quick jog to the kitchen revealed cookies that were perfectly browned on top and coal black on the bottom, their short lives destroyed by a quilt. The cookies were quickly given an impromptu funeral in the rubbish bin, while the quilt design remains at large, armed and dangerously beautiful. Me, I’m pleading quilty on all counts.

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Life Unscripted…

ScriptFrenzy officially ends at midnight tonight… thank goodness!  No more self-imposed pressure to complete a project that I really was not enjoying.  The first thirty or so pages were fantastic and flowed easily.  After that, the muse packed up her bag, headed out the door, and left me with a badly constructed plot and rampant plot bunnies that multiplied so aggressively that the original story was lost in a sea of pink noses and fluffy cottontails.

At the time of this writing, my script is roughly 84 pages long and I don’t anticipate any more growth between now and the midnight deadline.  My post-Frenzy celebration will be to print the existing pages, run them through the paper shredder and cleanse my world of one badly executed movie script.  Next ScriptFrenzy, I’ll be on the sidelines, cheering on all my friends who are actually capable of script-writing.  Me… I’m going back to my prose and poetry comfort zone for the time being and try to rid myself of a warren of plot bunnies.  Metaphorical rabbit stew, anyone?

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