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The Color of My Dreams

I dream in color and there are some specific colors that dominate my dreamtime… blacks, grays, blues, purples, and reds. These colors inspired me to make my first full-sized patchwork quilt in a log cabin pattern. I began collecting the fabrics for this piece a year and a half ago from a variety of sources. I usually stick with only cotton fabrics, but found some wonderful silks and synthetics that I just couldn’t resist using. Piecing started last winter but the project kept getting set aside for others that took precedent.
When I finally pulled the pieced top out again this fall in hopes of finishing it, I discovered to my abject horror that some of the synthetics had burn holes from a too-hot iron. Rather than disassemble the entire quilt (1″ wide strips + 9 strips/block + 144 blocks total = over 1000 individual pieces and a lot of work to tear apart!!!), I carried over the twilight/dream theme and made applique stars to cover the burns and any slight sewing flaws. Because I loved the way it looked, the quilt ended up having over 50 stars added to it. The very last stitch went in in the early hours of Saturday morning (12:52AM to be exact).
I’m happy to say that the quilt looks lovely in its new home (my bed!) and as you can see from the picture, my cat has already staked his claim to it. Looks like even the projects I do for myself aren’t entirely mine!
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