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Sharing My Work

A friend asked if I’d share more of my creative work, beyond what occasionally pops up in my other blogs, so here I am… with stage fright. I’m old enough and have been sharing my projects long enough that I should not feel nervous about introducing them in a new place. Yet, I am.
What do I create? Anything I can, everything I can. I dabble in poetry, prose, photography, painting, quilting, jewelry making, music, and anything else that comes my way. I’m constantly amazed by the fact that something of substance can be created from so little- like this lovely spiders web that I recently photographed. It is nothing more than spun strands, yet it is endures ten feet above the ground, spanning between tree branches. It is a home and a means of providing sustenance for its creator and yet it is beautiful and inspiring. There isn’t an artisan or writer I know who would want any less from their creations… nourishment for their souls and bodies and inspiration for others.
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