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zzz1I’ve been kicking around an idea for quite awhile.  I need to find a way to incorporate my photography and a growing interest in graphic arts into something for the Etsy shop.  This really isn’t a new idea, I realized, because I’ve been attempting to do this since the shop started. First it was photographic prints, then microscope slide pendants, and then it was photo quilts.

To be honest, I was never really satisfied with any of those projects.  Prints were just not creative enough.  Once the shot had been taken, the creative part was over.  The microscope slide pendants were a pain, literally and figuratively- one too many nicked fingers.  And I worry that these are not going to stand the test of time, that they simply aren’t finished enough to appeal.  The photo quilts were too time consuming and took up a lot of space.  So, for the last couple of years, I’d given up on the idea of something combining photography and crafts that was a) creative, b) compact, and c) polished enough to be competitive in both online and live sales.

In searching for something else, I came across a tutorial for glass photo pendants.  I must admit that I was intrigued… so intrigued that I bought the supplies to make ten of them.  I’m still in the learning stage on this one, finding out what happens when you don’t do things quite correctly, like using  the right combination of printer ink and adhesives. I’m also learning things like a round hole punch is your friend if you’re incapable of freehand cutting a circle (I’m impared in this way- my life does not travel in straight lines, nor do my hands when operating any kind of tool).  I’m also learning that I love creating the miniature images for these.   My third attempt finally yielded a success, shown in the photo above.  I’m pretty happy with it, but I know that I can… and will… do better.

If you need me in January, I’ll be practicing my pendant making skills!

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