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Grave Humor

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I’m feeling rather burnt out on writing at the moment. Instead of spending another hour staring at the half line of poetry in front of me, I decided to play with my photo-editing software. The original, unedited print comes first, the rest are just, well, just are what they are:


The last is definitely my favorite, but then I find the old sepia tone photographs and postcards very appealing.

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A Foggy Morning

It was with no small amount of joy that I woke to a densely foggy morning this last November. I’d been waiting for several months for a nice thick dense morning fog to photograph one of my favorite places, a local cemetery. This particular cemetery original dates to the Victorian era and is the resting place to a couple of fairly well known authors, as well as many prominent locals. It’s a beautiful place, situated on a large hillside full of oak, poplar, and holly trees and has the atmosphere of a well-kept park. It’s no small place either. The cemetery covers 87 acres and contains an estimated 13,000 burials and at least 9000 monuments and markers. In the fog, it’s just an amazing and atmospheric place.

Without further ado, here are a few of the photos from my little stroll through the mists:

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