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Bedecked and Bejeweled

I’ve been busy playing with my stash of stone beads the last few weeks, making various bracelets. I’m partial to natural stones and it’s always a delight to find new combinations of colors and stones that work well together.

On the left is a slim double-strand bracelet that features two to three millimeter chips in labradorite and malachite. This combination is all about transforming and creating the wearer’s world into a more positive and abundant place.

The bracelet featured on the right resulted from an accident – a several boxes of stone chips got mixed together. After sorting through the bulk of the stones, there were just some that weren’t easily identifiable. Telling the difference between sodalite and lapis lazuli isn’t always easy when you’re looking a small stone. So all the left-overs were strung together with some glass beads. Entitled Earth Mama, this piece sold quickly through the LunaSeas shop.

The lastest creation is shown below, a handwired bracelet featuring various lentil-shaped stone beads. From this foundation, labradorite chips and silvertone stars dangle, creating a different twist on the concept of a charm bracelet. A similarly crafted bracelet in using sodalite and moonstone is currently in the works.

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