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Bowled Over

A few months ago, I nearly died of sticker shock when I saw the price tag for a coiled fabric bowl in a local craft outlet.  It was a lovely little bowl about six inches across in lovely watery blues.  It reminded me of something that should have had a place in my grandmother’s kitchen… folky, primitive, and homey in its style.  Unfortunately, this petite piece of folk art was priced at $75.  I left the cute little bowl right where I had found it.

While recently searching for some ideas for Christmas gifts, I came across instructions for making a coiled rag bowl very similar to the one I’d seen.  For less than the cost of a fast food meal, I was able to create one myselfl.  It’s an imperfect first attempt, but I’m pretty happy with it.  The creation involves strips of torn fabric, cotton cording, lots of pins, and a bit of thread.  Mine included more than a few pricked fingers and swear words, but that’s what usually happens when I’m allowed near anything sharp and pointy.  I imagine that a more graceful craft-person could manage the project without these last two inclusions.  At any rate, my wallet is still intact, even if my fingers aren’t.

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