Life Unscripted…

ScriptFrenzy officially ends at midnight tonight… thank goodness!  No more self-imposed pressure to complete a project that I really was not enjoying.  The first thirty or so pages were fantastic and flowed easily.  After that, the muse packed up her bag, headed out the door, and left me with a badly constructed plot and rampant plot bunnies that multiplied so aggressively that the original story was lost in a sea of pink noses and fluffy cottontails.

At the time of this writing, my script is roughly 84 pages long and I don’t anticipate any more growth between now and the midnight deadline.  My post-Frenzy celebration will be to print the existing pages, run them through the paper shredder and cleanse my world of one badly executed movie script.  Next ScriptFrenzy, I’ll be on the sidelines, cheering on all my friends who are actually capable of script-writing.  Me… I’m going back to my prose and poetry comfort zone for the time being and try to rid myself of a warren of plot bunnies.  Metaphorical rabbit stew, anyone?

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