In the Works

After an entire season of one crisis following quickly on the heels of the next, I’m hoping to use the remaining weeks of summer to regroup, recenter, and reorganize. Looking around my creative space (aka the “Craft Room”), I’m faced with a number of upcoming projects and impending deadlines that are making me a little twitchy.

So, I’m putting my creative ducks in a row at the moment in anticipation of a hectic but highly creative few months.  Here’s the list of creative accomplishments that I’m hoping to achieve by the year’s end….

  • Finish the skirt I started two years ago. -This thing has been sitting in my “sewing box” for way too long.  At this point, it only needs the hem turned and a hook and eye sewn on.  I think I can, I think I can…
  • Make at least 200 butterflies. – I make and sell whimsical little butterfly sun catchers.  I need to build up my supply if I’m going to do the couple of craft shows that I’m hoping to participate in this year.
  • Finish the current batch of ‘magic wands’.  – This is another item that I create to sell.  I have a couple dozen wand handles already ribbon wrapped and ready to be topped.  That means I need to sew and stuff the stars for the tops, assemble them, and add the finishing touches.
  • Make a diaper cake for my great-nephew. – Oh my, am I old enough to be having great-nephews?  It would appear that I am.  I have everything I need for the project, except the time to get it finished.  I’m hoping to do this one sometime in October.
  • Finish the aprons that are in my sewing box. – At least one needs to be done by the beginning of October so that it can be given as a gift.
  • Create a gift basket. – This one is going to a friend, but I haven’t even yet thought about what to put into it.  Must work on that one!
  • Participate regularly in creative challenges. – Between social groups and business networking teams, there’s always some sort of creative challenge happening.  I’d like to do at least one of these each month.
  • Participate in NaNoWriMo – The ever-looming November writing challenge of creating a 50K word novel in 30 days. I plan to participate, as mentioned in previous blog entries.
  • Work on an on-going, long-term cross stitch project.  – A while back I order the pattern for this project from Heaven and Earth Designs.  I love the designs at this site, but they aren’t for the faint of heart. I anticipate this particular project taking several months to complete.  It’s a massive and detailed piece and even working on a very fine count linen in tiny stitches, it’s going to be a large design when it’s completed.
That’s the official list, but I’m sure that I’ll find at least a few more projects to work on this year.

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