Forward Thinking Part II – NaNo 2010

If your memory is better than mine, you might recall that I wrote an earlier post about this year’s upcoming National Writing Month  (this is where I admit that I couldn’t remember if I had indeed posted anything about it and had to double check).  Some mention was made about the chaos that would ensue when the child of a god found him/herself sucked back into divine drama….  as well as some mumblings about the Norse pantheon, Loki, Valkyries, and Ragnarök among other things.

Mundane life has eaten away a substantial chunk of my time in the weeks since that post, but NaNo, while still out of sight, is most assuredly not out of mind.  The original story idea still stands, with a decidedly Norse pantheon and theme.  In the protagonist’s role will be an ex-Valkyrie who abandoned Asgard when the divine drama became more than she was willing to endure.  Odin takes on an antagonistic role when he tries to pull her back into the affairs of Asgard.  With the rapidly approaching Ragnarök, that Norse trickster, Loki, is certain to be in the middle of things, stirring the pot and cackling away.

There are still so many details to be ironed out, but NaNo is still two months away.  That’s plenty of time to hash out the plot of a novel and complete all the pre-writing preparation, right?

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