Oh Baby…

Baby blanket, that is.
My niece is expecting her first child in November, the first baby of the next generation of the family.  I’ve finished the first of what will probably be many handmade gifts- a crocheted baby blanket.

I’m an idle-hands kind of crocheter who hooks stitches only while sitting in front of television or when stuck as a passenger while travelling. This particular project happened as I watched Eureka and reruns of Poirot.  I liked it well enough that I’m considering a larger version in autumn colors as a project for this coming winter.

For those who crochet, the pattern I used is here: Lace Border Blanket.  The pattern is not difficult, but I wouldn’t recommend it as a beginner’s project. Rows of v-stitches form the body of the blanket, which is then finished with a border of chain and double stitches to create a lace-like effect. I used Caron’s Simply Soft “Woodland Heather” yarn, which is a wonderful pale green, but any soft yarn would work well for this one.

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