Forward Thinking – NaNoWriMo 2010

Ah, yes, summer has just rolled into town with its bright blue skies, ice cream, fireworks, and apple pie. Even as I tend to my garden and make plans to go to the lake this weekend, my thoughts drift to November, chilly temperatures, and most of all, National Novel Writing Month.

I’ve promised myself that I will not write this year’s novel off the cuff as has happened before. No, no, this time the plan is to go in with a well developed plot, a completed and detailed outline, and a plan for hitting 50,000 words with as little pain as possible. Wow, does that sound really good… so organized, so utterly ‘with it’, so ready to pounce on the project like a tiger armed with opposable thumbs, a pen, and an imagination.

And yes, friends, I have already moved from formulating plans to the actual creative process. This year’s NaNo is going to center around the mischief that ensues when the child of a god gets sucked into divine drama, in spite of determined attempts to live as a normal human. I’m fairly certain that the pantheon will be Norse and that Loki, as is his way, will be involved somewhere in the melee. Who knows? I may throw in a few Valkyries, Yggdrasil, nine worlds, and an impending Ragnarök just to add some thrill to it.

I plan to use my free time this summer to work on the outline and character sketches. Late September and October will be dedicated to a more detailed outline, so that come November, it’s a matter of fleshing out the story into full-blown prose. In the meantime, I’m off to brush up on some ‘light’ reading of the Eddas and Norse mythology for a little background research.

More to come as the story develops…

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One thought on “Forward Thinking – NaNoWriMo 2010

  1. Sounds interesting. Which reminds me that I need to start outlining my own 🙂

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