The Frenzy Continues

As promised, I’m in the midst of participating in my first ever ScriptFrenzy challenge.  Week one is drawing to a close and I’m happy to say that I’ve polished off 25 pages so far, putting me slightly ahead of the daily goal of 3.33 pages.

The storyline is beginning to take shape and as I’ve described it elsewhere, it’s quickly becoming “From Hell” meets Tim Burton with a bottle of absinthe.  It’s a strange, brutal affair involving Jack the Ripper and an absinthe drinking accidental time traveller.  Take affair in whatever context you like- it’s probably applicable in some way.   I’m still not sure how the script will end.  Perhaps there will be a sequel? A shriek-quel?  Or perhaps I’ll do the world a favor and stop writing punny comments and strange scripts…. nah, I’m having too much fun!

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