To Shoot A Mocking Bird

I’ll have to beg forgiveness from Harper Lee for such an awful appropriation of a title, but it seemed only fitting, given the subject at hand. On a recent weekend getaway, I was plagued for the duration of a visit to two neighboring graveyards by an annoying and omnipresent mockingbird. This lovely bird would suddenly break the silence with an outburst of song just as I would get ready to press the shutter button on my camera, or worse, fly through a perfectly composed scene just in time to be a blur in the image. When I would intentionally point the camera at it, the bird managed disappearing acts that David Cooperfield would envy.

Patience is, on rare occasion, rewarded. As I was departing, the troublesome little ball of feathers decided to alight on one of the monuments and sit very calmly and quietly. In the end, I was able to get in this parting shot, one of my favorites from the day.

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