Creative Weather?

After a weekend of non-stop rain, it began to snow, then rain again, then a mix of snow, sleet, and rain, and finally several inches of snow. The temperatures plummeted, turning puddles of mud and water into miniature skating rinks. Like most of the Southeast, things came to a virtual standstill, giving yours truly a desperately needed Monday off my less-than-creative day job. It was the kind of winter wonderland that helped drive me south, far from the Midwestern winters that I so despise.

Mother Nature, being the single greatest creative force in the universe, has decided that she’d mess with our collective heads again. After plunging us into an frozen Arctic hell last weekend, she has given us a meteorological apology in the form of stunningly gorgeous weather this weekend. Yesterday, the sky was clear and Carolina blue with temperatures in the upper 70’s. Plants that were screaming in frozen agony last week and trying to rebury themselves into the ground are happy again. The first of my 45-odd crocus bulbs flowered this week, giving me the chance to grab my camera and share with everyone the first of this year’s garden glory.

It should come as no surprise to me that Mother Nature is capable of creative, if not maddening, displays of climate. She is my source of so much inspiration and it makes me wonder what will come next weekend… typhoons? tornadoes? water spouts? the next Ice Age? Raining frogs? What I’m sure we won’t have is another weekend of unseasonable warmth, but one can dream.

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One thought on “Creative Weather?

  1. Glad to know you got a taste of what I had to deal with all week XD

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