Creative Souls- J.B. Drake

In a room of brick,
Without windows or doors,
I am imprisoned.
My body, mind, and soul fatigued from lack of sleep-
For here to rest is to die.
My skin is pale from never seeing sunlight.
It feels like I’ve been here for centuries,
Alone. There is no one to talk to-
Only the darkness.
The darkness that imprisons me.

I pace back and forth across the stone floor,
Cursing the darkness. “I must be going crazy,
“I say “It sounds like you are breathing!”
“Of course I’m breathing,
How else would I still be alive?”
I walk toward the corner the voice came from.
“What are you, why haven’t you spoken before?”
“I am a man not a shadow'” he says
I felt his hand touch my arm.
“And I’ve been here for ages.”

“Why didn’t you say anything before?” I ask.
“Because I’m afraid.” he says.
“I’m afraid to speak or to move.
“His hand moved to my face.
“You shouldn’t be,” I tell him.
“But it is impossible to escape!”
His voice broke into sobs.”
We can never escape.”

For the first time in many years,
A ray of sunlight slips through a crack in the wall.
In the dim light,
I can see his handsome tear-stained face.
It lifted into a look of confidence.
“There is still hope left,” I say to him.
He kisses me and smiles.
“Yes, and now we know we aren’t alone.”
~J.B. Drake

What do you get when you throw together a dash of sarcasm, a gallon of wit, and a large measure of creativity? J.B. Drake, a 21-year-old student, aspiring chef , and writer. I could say more (such as his sense of humor is possibly darker than mine!), but why not let him speak for himself?

What is your primary creative outlet?
My main creative outlet is definitely writing. I currently have two WIP novels and thinking of starting a few more soon. I’m also working on the script to a play and I write poems and short stories whenever the inspiration hits.

Are you involved in other artistic/creative endeavors?
I’m also involved with the culinary arts (which I’m currently in college for) and some visual arts (at the moment limited to drawing whenever I’m bored but I hope that changes soon).

What artistic mediums or materials do you use? (If you’re a writer, what genre/writing styles?)
When it comes to genre, I tend to write fantasy, horror, erotica and historical fiction. Most of what I write involves a strong thread of the supernatural and tends to walk the line between horror and fantasy. Most of it is dark and twisted, including my erotic romances and comic relief scenes. I do like to experiment with genre and writing style and there are probably very few genres that I don’t want to take a stab at.

What are your favorite subjects for creative works?
I guess the main subject I cover are LGBT issues. So far, most of what I’ve written has at least one gay character in it. The recurring themes of my stories tend to be either forbidden love, struggling with one’s own identity, and a world hostile to one’s very existence. Other subjects are probably the nature of good and evil, the way power corrupts and the fragility of innocence.

What are your inspirations? Where do your ideas come from?
I get ideas from many places. I have had an active imagination since childhood and a lot of plot ideas come from there. I also get inspired from conversations both online and off, true crime media and also other fiction that I throw against the wall in disappointment and frustration.

Favorite quote:
“I might repeat to myself slowly and soothingly, a list of quotations beautiful from minds profound — if I can remember any of the damn things.” — Dorothy Parker

Favorite artist/writer/musician/creative soul:
There are far too many to list.

In Your Own Words:
Writing is the ultimate tool to probe the human psyche. From finding the deepest desires and hidden horror, it uncovers aspects of ourselves that we all share as a species.

Where can your works be found?
In the future, I will post some poetry and short stories on my blog:
I haven’t updated it in a while, but I hope to get back to it soon.

Check out J.B.’s blog and stay tuned to this blog for more creative souls.

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  1. Nice, you did me justice XD.

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