A Novel Concept

There are still a couple of days left before National Novel Writing Month (aka November) comes to a close, but time constraints mean that this will be my last post before the challenge ends. Happily, I reached 50,000 words and completed the first draft of When Shadows Come on Sunday after a marathon writing session over the previous few days.
This year’s NaNo was so very different an experience than my first year of NaNoing. Last year’s novel was carefully thought-out and outlined by November 1st. Many of the scenes had already formed in my head before I put pen to paper.*** There were very few moments when I needed to question where a particular scene or conversation were going to lead. In all, the concept was ready to be giving birth to from the beginning of the challenge.
As of Halloween this year, there was no concept or plot for my NaNo novel. Hiking through the woods with a dear friend that afternoon, our conversation drifted to a paranormal investigator whom neither of us think could find a ghost if it bite him in the ass. Frighteningly enough, our jokes lead to her saying “I know… you can write about what would happen if someone who knew what they were doing had to deal with the likes of him.” As my previous posts indicate, it’s been a strange and meandering path that’s lead from a casual suggestion to a completed draft. Quite frankly, it’s been one of the most enjoyable writing experiences I’ve ever had. For someone who loves creating and reading the written word, that is indeed a testament to this year’s NaNo challenge.
Who knows what next year’s challenge will bring? Perhaps I’ll waiting until the end of the month and see if I can complete an entire novel over Thanksgiving weekend. On the other hand, maybe I should stop blogging and start brainstorming now…
***An aside: Yes, I do actually put a pen to paper, at least when writing first drafts. Technology is a wonderful thing and I type in excess of 60 wpm, but somehow, it’s an integral part of my writing process to feel the words flow liquidly from my brain through my hand to a naked sheet of paper. Yes, I’m strange that way.)
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