NaNoWriMo Part Duex

Forget a red badge of courage… the picture you see to the left is a blue and brown badge of well-deserved insanity. NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, is a fun and fabulous, fast-paced frenzy of writing. In a nutshell (and nuts we are), NaNo participants set out to write a 50,000 word novel during the month of November. The literary equivalent of scaling Mt. Everest, we accept this yearly challenge because we like the thrill of the unknown, the pressure to accomplish the improbable, and the fame and fortune that accompanies a win. Alright, so the fame and fortune part is just a down-loadable certificate if you “win” by completing 50,000 words. It’s still a note-worthy accomplishment.

This is my second year as a NaNo participant and with any luck and lots of work, it will be my second year winning NaNo. Unlike last year, where I’d formulated the ideas in advance and had an outline ready to go when the contest commenced, I’m winging it this year. The working title of the story is Between Shadows. My muse this year is a dear friend with whom I share a mutual distaste for so-called paranormal investigators who put their own fame and finances ahead of their clients needs and in the process create horrible messes for all. Essentially, Between Shadows is the story of one such investigator and the “psychic janitor” who ends up cleaning up the messes he makes. At least that’s the plan. Right now, less than a thousand words are down on paper and the plot is still somewhat up in the air. However, that’s part of the thrill of NaNo- not knowing where the journey will take you before it concludes.

Support the arts, check out the website, and if you’re feeling ambitious, join the melee. If you’re already a NaNo-head and want another writing buddy to add to your collection, comment on this blog with a link to your NaNo page. Happy writing!

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