Creative Souls – Krys

I seem to meet more local creative souls on Etsy and myspace than I do going to festivals, shows, and artistic events. Here’s another local Etsian and fellow Monty Python fan…

Name: Krys
Age: 27!
Occupation: hair stylista

What kinds of items do you create?
I make dread falls and dread extenders, i also embroider and make anime goods!

Are you involved in other artistic/creative endeavors?
Whatever i can get my grubby lil hands on! I still love holga photography, and would love to have my own darkroom, polaroid transfer on art, and combination acrylic/sharpie

What artistic mediums or materials do you use?
For my dreads, i generally like using wool. HOWEVER, i use synthetic hair as well.

What are your favorite subjects for creative works?
People! I love seeing people wear my stuff.

What are your inspirations? Where do your ideas come from?
Oh geez….from my demented mind? anime, gothic beauty and old photo albums

Favorite quote:
“Life is a noun, live is a verb….TAKE ACTION!”

In Her Own Words:
“Got an anime/scifi convention? I can help!”

Interested in Krys’ work? She has a wonderfully titled Etsy shop complete with a Cthulhu avatar: Dreaded Kreations.

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One thought on “Creative Souls – Krys

  1. I look forward to meeting Krys sometime in the near future!

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