Finding Inspiration

Sometimes the muse alludes us and we have trouble finding inspiration for our next creative project. Artists have gone around the world in search of inspiration. They travel to beautiful and exotic places in search of that perfect subject or the perfect slant of light with which to illuminate their work. Robert Frost went to Great Britain in search of inspiration, Paul Gauguin traveled to Tahiti, and countless others have turned to unfamiliar landscapes for their inspiration.

There are days, however, when beauty and creative energy find us when we don’t expect it. A place that we’ve been a thousand times will suddenly show a different side of itself. A portal opens and we’re transported to some wonderful inspiring place that we never realized existed. Yet, we have not left familiar ground for a more exotic locale.

I often have those moments as I stand on my back step and watch the sun as it sets. The sky will turn an amazing color or light up as if it were on fire. Suddenly there is beauty everywhere and the back yard that I’ve spent countless hours in becomes something new. It awes me, it inspires me, and it reminds me that there is magic in the most mundane of places. Here are just three of those moments, photographs taken over the last few months from the same spot just inches from my back door.

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